… been doing a lot of tweaking in the past week. I hope you can tell. If you have been following the site, for years (since 1998) it was known as ‘bill cook’s Inductive Bible Study Page’. It is still me, but I have finally revamped the site graphically, functionally, and am working on revamping the content.

In those early days, a web designer had to be very concerned with the size of the graphics on each page because of the tremendously slow (by comparison) download and connection speeds (we used dial up which depended on your modem- nobody could pick up the phone while you were online – woo-hoo! fun it was!). So we used a program by Adobe called ImageReady. You had to import your image that you were hoping ImageReady would not destroy into ImageReady. What it did (it was powerful for its time) was to reduce the image size by taking away bits of the graphic’s information. This would ensure it could be downloaded easily by the browser and the user could see what you had worked so hard to produce. The removal of image information reduced its quality, so you would incrementally reduce image quality until you couldn’t stand it anymore to reach a compromise between image quality and file size.

All of this meant that web pages in those days, in order to be visually appealing, had to be very creatively crafted. But, they were sparse at best. Now, with cable speeds and high-speed DSL, this limitation on file size is virtually gone (within reason). So, the time to build a graphically rich web site has been nagging at me for some time.

Also, having had a lot of experience with WordPress in the past couple of years, and especially with the release of v3, everything fell into place. I just had to get my nerve up and dive in.

My son, Josh, has become a very skillful designer using Photoshop and Illustrator. So, I floated the idea (more of a challenge)  to consider making the new logo. One of the design elements to best express Bible Study to me, on the old site, was a puzzle piece. So, I wanted to have that element incorporated into the new design. I also wanted to have the letters ‘i’ and ‘b’ (for inductivebible) visibly prominent or even part of the puzzle piece. Josh toyed with this for a few weeks. We talked about many possible designs. He would work on prototypes off and on, but none really satisfied. Then, one night very late, his inspiration hit him and he said he had an idea. The next day he emailed me the design. I was blown away.

So, now the pressure was really on to get going on the new site. So, I installed XAMPP lite and WordPress 3 on a local intranet and began working…

And so, as I continue to work, please feel free to move around… Some of the furniture might be in a different place when you visit again, but the coffeemaker will still be on the counter.