Last night we demonstrated the Text Flow diagram capabilities of the Sentence Diagramming Tool in Logos 3 during the lesson. A text flow diagram is a very effective way to identify verbal clauses and show their emphasis in a sentence. In this case, we diagrammed Titus 2:15-3:7.

The SD tool in Logos 3 is a bit more powerful than the one currently in Logos 4 (for the moment). The Logos team really listens to their customers and I am hopeful that they will soon fix some of the issues (they are minor, but issues nonetheless). Regardless, if you have Logos 4, you can install and use Logos 3. And, if you don’t have at least the Scholar’s package in Logos 4, which would include the SD tool, you can still purchase the SD tool for about $20. Well worth it.

Here is a pdf of what we worked on last night. SD Text Flow Titus 2-15-3-7